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Grocery Savings Made Simple

Do your grocery totals seem high, but you can’t figure out how to spend less? Learn the simple secrets to saving money on every trip to the grocery store, including:

  • 16 Things You Should NEVER Buy at the Grocery store (and where you should buy them instead)
  • 13 Grocery Store Sales You should IGNORE (and which ones you should ALWAYS take advantage of)
  • 13 strategies to be a Savvy Shopper (so you can OUTSMART the grocery store, every week!)

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Hi! My name is Tiffany...

Besides being an ordinary mom with two kids and holding a full-time career as CEO of an online business, I'm also a healthy living enthusiast.

I started my blog, Don't Waste the Crumbs, in 2012 to share meal plans, recipes, and shopping strategies that allow my family of four eat to mostly organic foods for just $350/month.

My blog serves 9 million readers a year, my course has helped thousands of families across the world afford healthy food on a budget, and I've been featured in several media outlets, including Yahoo, Shape, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Country Living, and CBN.

Real food on a budget is my passion, and I look forward to helping you save money on healthy food with this free mini course, Grocery Savings Made Simple. ♥

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