Want to eat healthy, but feel overwhelmed
and don't know where to start?

Do you feel like there's never enough time to plan, prep and shop?

Or wish you had healthy recipes that the whole family liked (including picky eaters?)

Feeling the need to cut back on sugar?

Do you want to make positive changes, but need help with motivation, consistency and staying on track?

You're not alone.

More than 80% of people trying to eat healthy struggle with one or more of these issues.

All of them have good intentions, and very few are making excuses.

But their past attempts at clean eating have failed.


They approach healthy eating the wrong way.

Hi! My name is Tiffany...

Besides being an ordinary mom with two kids and holding a full-time career as CEO of an online business, I'm also a healthy living enthusiast, a blogger, and creator of the popular eCourse, Grocery Budget Bootcamp.

My course has helped thousands of families afford healthy food on a budget and has been featured in several media outlets, including Yahoo, Shape, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Country Living, and CBN.

In fact, my husband and I STILL use this same system to eat real food for $350 each month for our family of four!

However, I created Clean Eating Club because I know a lot of people want to radically change how they eat - to switch from a processed diet of junk food and boxed meals to whole, fresh, real, clean foods - but feel overwhelmed and discouraged and don't know where to start.

After switching to a clean eating lifestyle myself, I know that the easiest and best way to create positive changes that last, is to make one small change at a time.

When you train for a marathon, you start with one mile. Then you add another, and then another, and after a few months, you finally reach the full 26.2 miles.

Do you know what would happen if you put on your shoes and skipped straight to a full 26 miles without any training?

You'd feel pain, exhaustion, and be so miserable that you'd never want to run again.

That’s what happened when I jumped into a clean eating lifestyle.

I bought all the super-foods, made EVERYTHING from scratch and packed my meal plan with dinners that were incredibly healthy… but tasted terrible.

On top of this, I spent so much time in the kitchen that I had to turn down nearly every invitation that came my way.

It was awful.

My husband would “accidentally” forget his lunch and go out with his co-workers.

Getting my kids to eat anything was like pulling teeth, while they happily took second and third helpings of goldfish crackers at kids’ church.

I was so overwhelmed and so tired of trying to do ALL THE THINGS that I nearly threw up my hands and walked away completely.

But then I remembered a mantra about taking small steps…

Small steps, even those barely noticeable, are still steps in the right direction.

That's why Clean Eating Club was born.

So much more energy!

No more afternoon slumps, my workouts feel more empowering and I'm not so exhausted and drained after a run. An added bonus is that planning my meals allows me to have so much more time in the evenings... plus it takes less time to shop groceries and I'm not stressing about what I'm making for dinner!

- Tracy

The challenge is encouraging to me...

... because it is helping me to see how much progress I have made and that small steps can help me to continue to improve my eating.

- Naomi

I've lost 6 pounds...

... with no real "dieting." And I have so much more energy!

- Danielle

Before my auto immune illness, I used to eat healthy... 

... and this challenge has been a huge blessing - I just want to dance around my kitchen and sing hallelujah! I'm not sure if I'm more proud over making mayo or broth, or getting REM sleep for the first time in six months!

- Beth

Clean Eating Club has four key elements:

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Weekly Challenges

Delivered every Monday via email, along with worksheets to help you IMPLEMENT what you're learning.

Two Weeks of Meal Plans

Healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will like. (Plus a shopping list!)

Get Ahead Action Plans

Exactly what you need to double, freeze, and make extras in order to stop the hamster wheel of the 4 o'clock dinner rush and finally get ahead.

Community + Support

Dedicated community with check-ins to help you stay accountable, be motivated, and get ideas from fellow members. Plus live monthly Q&A sessions with Tiffany to get personalized help.

What clean eating challengers are saying...

It's keeping me on track...

... and helping me to use what's in my pantry. Being more mindful is a bonus, because not only am I less wasteful, but the best part is in saving money! 

- Alan

I love the support...

... and the fact that the challenges meet each person where they are in their clean eating journey.

- Rena

I love the simple steps.

They're practical and do-able and you walk us through step-by-step. They've been so beneficial for myself and my family!

- Lisa

I enjoy the accountability...

Knowing I have a group surrounding me keeps me motivated to keep going. It's easy to get sidetracked or discouraged, and I find myself more focused because of the group.

- Angela

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How small changes can make a big impact...

I'm feeling such a relief!

At the beginning of last year I decided to make EVERYTHING from scratch (including all body care products). I work full-time and then something came up that made weekends unavailable. I got so burned out! Just picking some things, not everything, to make is such a relief!

- Tammy

Feeling great!

The kids are eating more fruits and veggies and are still excited about trying new things and honoring the two bite rule. My 4 year old even told me at lunch yesterday that he wanted “something I have never tried before” with his lunch. So excited for the amazing progress we’ve made the last two weeks!

- Tracy

My kids are excited to try new things!

I told them I'm making green beans and zucchini tonight and they cheered! It's been a long time since we've been this excited about new meals.

- Candice

I tried the hamburger helper...

OMG, it’s delish! I'm not going to lie - I was nervous about starting this whole challenge, but now I’m not! Thanks for creating this and I’m looking forward to more amazing meals!

- Sarah

Simple, No-fuss, Money-back Guarantee

More than just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise.

Join the club and immerse yourself for a month...

  • Make changes through the challenges
  • Enjoy fresh, healthy meals on the clean eating plan
  • Save time with the Get Ahead Action Plans
  • Find encouragement, support and ask questions in our community
  • Get personalized help in our live Q&A session

... and if you don't think Clean Eating Club is a good fit for you, let us know within the first 5 days. I will promptly send you 100% of your money back with no hassle, and we will still be friends (and you can keep the snacks eCookbook too!).

I am so confident that this membership can help you MAKE CHANGE in your life, that I’m willing to take all the risk for your success.


Most challenges can be completed in about 30 minutes.

No! You can complete the challenge whenever your schedule allows.

Sure! In the past we've done a "top two ingredients to avoid" challenge, a "how to satisfy the sweet tooth" challenge, and a "cooking for multiple allergies" challenge.

Yes, Clean Eating Club is a monthly membership. Payment is automatically processed each month (30 days) after the initial payment until the membership is canceled.

They may, but you will always enjoy the same rate at which you initially signed up as long as you remain a member in good standing.

To cancel your membership, contact tiffany@dontwastethecrumbs.com at least 5 business days before your next scheduled payment is due. Please allow up to 5 business days to process the request.

If a member requests to cancel within the first 5 days of joining, we'll refund the initial payment.

It's not just YOUR life that will change...

Made the tacos last night...

... and they were  hit! My 6 year old - who watched me make dinner and refused to eat because of the vegetables - ended up trying it and said it was great, and she couldn't taste the veggies at all!

- Candace

Counting today as a win!

Served spanikopita with chickpea salad and fried eggplant. No complaints from the carnivores, my picky eater said it was delicious and my preschooler ate all on her plate. Hallelujah!

 - Pamela

Made tacos tonight...

... and had my son make the homemade salsa - my husband said it was better than the restaurant salsa he loves! The whole family loved it and it was so easy... this family won't  be eating at the Mexican restaurant anymore!

- Angelle

My kids have been begging for granola...

... so I blocked off some time this week and made a trial batch. The 4yo remarked “HOLY MOLY! This is GOOD, Mom!”, the 6yo exclaimed “I hope there’s more for tomorrow!”, and the 2yo was too busy shoveling it into his mouth, but nodded in agreement! When his bowl was empty, he came up for air and said “Nummy, nummy my tummy, tummy!”

- Tracy

One year from today, God willing, you will still be here on this planet eating.

The question is though, will anything about it be significantly different?

The answer: only if you DO something significantly different about it.

Maybe THIS is what you do. Maybe THIS is what will make this year – and the rest of your life – different.

I look forward to getting to know you, inside Clean Eating Club.

All My Best,

♥ Tiffany